Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Congratulations on finally deciding to find a private personal training center in Canberra. Having a fitness sidekick brings a handful of worthwhile well-being benefits.

private personal training

You’ve probably been working on achieving a certain goal for a while now but don’t seem to see any improvement. Thus, seeking help from a professional fitness guru is the best way to go.

On the other hand, before selecting a fitness trainer, here are some of the questions you need to ask first:

1. What is his specialty?

Everybody including you has its own requirements when it comes to exercising. The trainer you are going to hire must be able to adhere to your training needs and adjust to your abilities. If you are suffering from any ailment such as an injury, your trainer must specialize in providing special exercises that will help improve mobility and restore muscles.

2. Can I personalize my workout plan?

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to brush off the thought of private personal training in Canberra is because they might be forced to do certain exercises they don’t like. But on the actual fact, a professional fitness trainer considers its client’s preferences. By hiring a trainer, you’ll be able to do the exercises you are comfortable doing.

3. What’s your philosophy?

This may seem a little old-fashioned but getting to know your personal trainer’s beliefs and mission in fitness training is an important aspect. You need to be assured that your perceptions about fitness and working out do not contradict with your trainers’.

4. Where’s the training place?

The location of your chosen private personal training  at AHern Fitness center is one of the very important factors you need to consider before picking a personal trainer. You may or may not mind driving for 20 minutes from home to the center whenever your training day comes. Either way, your eagerness in going to the center may be affected by how far it is located from your house.

5. How about the schedule?

Private personal training is totally different from working out by yourself; you have a set of a training schedule that must be followed in order to attain desired results. Your schedule must not conflict with your trainers. Moreover, only set the days you’re most likely to have no appointments.

6. How are you going to assess my performance?

A good personal fitness trainer values its client’s progress; may that be big or small, rapid or slow. He must have a comprehensive progress evaluation system in order to know if the exercises are effective or not. Moreover, you would also be glad to know your improvements as it might help you work harder next time.

7. How much will it cost?

Probably, one of the reasons why you can’t find private personal training Canberra-based centers until now is because of the price. In that case, you may visit and get a list of personal training packages that fit your budget.


Private personal training does not only give you the benefit of improving physical health. Having a personal training coach is like having a nutritionist and fitness-buddy at the same time.