5 Travel Trends You Need To Know In 2018

1 . Wellness Holidays

From yoga retreats and surfing breaks, to cycling tours and hiking trips, health-conscious travel has never been so popular.


With ‘mindful movement’ forecasted as being this year’s go-to wellness trend by Health And Fitness Travel, luxury hotels, resorts spas and travel organisations are keen to provide for travellers wanting to broaden their experiences, without having to widen their waist belts.


For health-conscious explorers, check out medical spas dotted around Portugal, Brazil and the Philippines, mindful exercise weeks in Spain and India and cycling tours around Bali and Peru, courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

  1. Winter Will Become Peak Holiday Season

Having just embraced the12-day holiday over the Christmas period (thank you bank holidays), it’s no surprise everyone is looking to book their next big holiday during the coldest and most depressing season in the UK.


Winter festivals are becoming a major attraction for travellers around the world, with China’s Harbin Ice Festival bringing in over a million visitors last year. Meanwhile, holiday organisations such as Intrepid Travel will be launching a Finnish Lapland tour and increasing departures of its Footsteps of Russia’s Reindeer Herders tour in 2018.


Besides, with the prospect of using up just seven days of paid leave this Christmas by booking off 24 December – 6 January, 2019, travellers can bag an impressive 16 day break. What are you waiting for?

  1. Payment Instalment Plan Holidays

Thought STA and Thompsons package holidays, paid off month-by-month was a thing of the past?


Well, financial firms Affirm and Uplift are helping wannabe travellers strapped for cash with payment installment plans, meaning you can book that holiday to Peru and pay your rent at the same time.

  1. Trending Homes

Whether it’s a converted Parisian bakery just minutes from the Eiffel Tower, or a night at the Ice Hotel in Iceland, unique, quirky and non-traditional stays abroad are the accommodation choose du jour among wanderlust wanderers.


Airbnb predicts that non-urban apartments will be a big trend in 2018, with bookings of nature lodges now up 700 per cent and RVs reaching 133 per cent.


The accommodation website also offers experiences in tents, tree houses, ryokans (traditional Japanese inn ), and yurts, for the more adventurous type.

5. Vegetarian And Vegan Travel


With more than three million vegetarians in the UK today and approximately 2,000 people shunning meat every day, the eating practice is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.


So, it comes as no surprise that veggie travellers are wanting to suit their holiday needs to their dietary requirements and on the look out for vegetarian holidays,.


Lonely Planet recommends travellers check out the Soul Kitchen, in Paris.


‘A short stroll from the hilltop basilica of Sacré-Coeur, the Soul Kitchen is a standout among Montmartre’s charming cafes. It’s run by three women whose love of food infuses the market-driven dishes (half the menu is vegetarian),’ writes Lonely Planet spokeperson Regis St Louis.


Alternatively, why not try Italy (which boasts the highest proportion of vegetarians in Europe) or India (with approximately 500 million resident vegetarians) for your meat-free culinary delights.